Apr 062020
News items:
1.  Funding has arrived in Rhode Island from the CARES ACT of 2020 to help with effects of the COVID-19 crisis.  A passage in that ACT indicates “temporary unemployment insurance program for part time, self employed, and other non-traditional workers.” 

This may be able to help members of the RI Commercial Fishing industry (and other “nontraditional workers”) who are out of work.  The RI Dept of Labor and Training is in charge of this benefit but indicates it has no guidelines from The Federal Government to conduct this portion of benefits* and in addition, is overwhelmed by the unemployment situation statewide. *NEWS UPDATE AS OF 2PM, MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2020. THE GOVERNOR JUST REPORTED THAT THE BENEFIT SITE LINK BELOW SHOULD BE UP AND RUNNING BY 8AM, TUE. APRIL 7, 2020. THE STATE HAS RECEIVED GUIDELINES FROM THE FEDS TO OPERATE BENEFITS FOR SELF EMPLOYED, PART TIME AND NON-TRADITIONAL WORKERS.


2.  Members of the commercial fishing industry who may be in need of medical insurance can go to the Commercial Fisheries Center of RI (we are a member) website where there is a link to HealthSource RI open enrollment.  Link to their News web page below:
 We wish everyone the best.  Stay safe.
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Feb 212016

Important note: If you were born on or after January 1, 1986 you must pass a boating safety course to operate most vessels in Rhode Island. See online links for more information.

RI DEM explanation of the requirement:

Link to the boating course:

Jan 152016

OUR INTERNSHIP PROGRAM HAS OPENED UP.   Consider making a harvesting day trip on a shellfishing boat to learn about the trade. The program will target students and young people interested in the commercial shellfish business.  Please understand this is not like a trip on a Bay tour boat.  Narragansett Bay shellfishing boats are usually 20-25 ft, long (as shown in our video) and sea conditions can be a bit rough.  Also, many quahauggers steam out early in the morning.  You should be ready to share the shellfish harvesting experience.  If interested, please contact us at the website email address or the PO Box listed on this site.

Thank You

Important note for future young shellfishers:  If you were born on or after January 1, 1986 you must pass a boating safety course to operate most vessels in Rhode Island.  See online links for more information.
RI DEM requirement:
The boating course:

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Sep 202014

In collaboration with the Rhode Island Shell Fisherman’s Association, our kitchens are featuring Top Neck Clams all summer long to promote this under-utilized, abundant and sustainable local bivalve. Available at Hemenway’s, The Mooring and TRIO

Rhode Island Shell Fisherman’s Association & the Newport Restaurant Group

This is a great opportunity for Rhode Island fisherman, the local economy, community, and of course the diners who get to enjoy another great sustainable food product from our Bay that would otherwise be under-utilized and perhaps undiscovered.

– Mike McGiveney, President of RISA

Here is the link to the web page:


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